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whoever it is that you cannot live without, that person is your loto, your soul mate
i would rather die than be without my Elmo, she is my loto
my loto is the only thing that makes life worth living
by bradsuxx December 28, 2011
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(I'm not sure if that pronunciation is correct, that's just how I hear it in my head)

The one of blue who has been drawn in poorly, der hero of save the world. His companion for his adventure of length and also difficulty is of being der Slime.
Good luck der hero of Loto!!!!!!!!!!
by JiaXue October 02, 2004
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Laugh overtly towards others. Can apply to a collective group of people rather then remaining as the individual "laughing out Loud".
When someone is humiliated in public, you can freely loto. for example someone walking into a spiderweb and freaking out.
by AusThumper May 21, 2010
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The cutest boy you can meet and he is the perfect man to take care of you. He is smart, kind, and really hot. If you ever get a chance to meet one you are very lucky and should try to spend as much time as you can with them. Loto is happy to help those he loves and ladies he CAN do both.
by $anta claus January 30, 2017
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