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Made famous by the Dodgers Manger Tommy Lasorda, "a Lasorda" is used to describe a man's genitals in pants that are far too tight in the crotchal region. Viewers will be in horror, confusion, and intrigue at what they are actually looking at.

It is a severe form of a mans camel toe, and although you feel the need to alert the owner of the hideous sight, you can't muster the courage or a serious face by which to tell them.

Also, it should be noted that the pain felt by the unfortunate owner is relieved by them trying to spread their legs as far apart as possible. The perplexing lack of a visible penis is also expected, where as viewers are encouraged to try and make sense of what they are witnessing.
I went to a wedding the other day, and the best man was sitting at the bar with the groom. He was a very fat and sweaty man with tight fitting clothes. He and the groom swiveled around in order to watch relatives dancing on the dance floor. He had the biggest Lasorda I have ever seen on a man. That wasn't the worst part either, because he was so sweaty it looked wet as well. He had a big wet Lasorda, and me and my friends could not stop talking about it the rest of the night.
by RovertScott December 30, 2011
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