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Loriann is a very nice girl. You can tell her anything that's been bugging you and she will have something to help it . Loriann is a very bubbly girl she likes to laugh a lot and when she laughs it has a babyish sound to it . When you see her smile she makes you wanna smile too . Loriann has beautiful brown hazel nut eyes and when you look in to them your hearts just drops . Loriann is a very weird person and that's what makes people like her . Loriann is a very kind loving girl. Loriann is very good at sports and cooking. If you ever got in a relationship with a Loriann you would be very lucky to have her because it would last long and she's a very loyal girl.
"Loriann is so pretty "

"Damn is that Loriann I feel like I love her "

Boy 1:" I wish I could date her "
Boy 2: "me too "

"She's so bubbly "
"I wish I can be her "
by Ryan.21savage January 04, 2018
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A beautiful woman that is very kind hearted. She is a very organized person and is always looking out for other people.
Wow she seems like a Lori Ann
by m_bergeron May 15, 2018
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a cool and very perky person.
nice to talk to and likes football.
like a cheerleader.
i think the team shoulf be loriann to win.
by lfdjsakd September 14, 2008
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A Loriann is a gorgeous woman. She's smart and brave like a warrior. Haters hate her because they are basically jelly af. She doesn't care because she is chilling. She's honest,modest, and gifted at many things. She's probably better than you but she'll be your friend anyway because she doesn't judge. She's too precious for this world and we should all respect and protect her kind of goodness. "I LOVE YOU LORIANN!", Is something she probably hears often. She'll be incredibly beautiful until the day she dies and beyond. She doesn't realize that she's as amazing as all that... She's really a blessing to know. Honesty is her super power.
Person 1: Hey! Loriann! I need your help!
Loriann: How may I assist you oh honored and sacred Spirit? Lol... Just playin bromie, whats up?
by DumbPointlessMale November 15, 2018
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A crazy ass half white, half Latina girl. She leads people on, makes out with them and then ruins their week with a speedy rejection.
Person 1: My girl is crazy.
Person 2: That's what you get for going out with a LoriAnn.
by LIL SKATER! November 03, 2018
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