A small village in Manitoba, Canada. Still exists for the sole purpose of being close enough to Winnipeg, but far enough away to not be part of the murder capital of the country.

There is almost nothing to do in the town except bike around on the streets, maybe get a slurpee from the local Petro or CO-OP, or some ice cream from Brian's Drive In. There are 4 schools in this town; three elementary (one english, one english/french immersion, and one all french) and a french/english high school. The principal and vice principal of the school are a little low on the intelligence scale.

A word of advice; don't ever, ever move to Lorette, unless you need a location that is quiet, yet close enough to the city.
Citizen of Lorette #1: "Fuck, man, I wanna go do something fun."

Citizen of Lorette #2: "We live in goddamn Lorette, and neither of us have our driver's license yet. There is nothing to do at all, nevermind anything fun!"

CoL #3: "Well, there is weed there."

CoL 1 & 2: "True, very true."
by Douchard January 2, 2011
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The definition of the word Lorette is the following. It sounds like an sluts name and somebody that work at a strip club.
I have a Lorette she is a slut.
by Randal101 January 3, 2019
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a fucking sweet town in manitoba canada 1o mins out side of winnipeg boring in winter all the time!
hey lets go lorette no its boring lets go there to get stoned:)
by frazerz May 1, 2007
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A small French canadian city in the Quebec area. Usualy refered to as 'L-A' or 'L.A Beach'. Coolest place to grow up, party, trash and have sex. l'Ancienne-Lorette is home of world famous TD drinking crew.
guy 1: where do you live?
guy 2: LA

l'ancienne-lorette got trashed yesterday.
by jal June 17, 2006
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A school for homos .There women are sluts and have no class and the guys are shit fallers who have no balls what so ever and they sucks shit at basketball. Over all not at good school
Student: please mom don't make me go to college lorette collegiate

Mom : but it's so close
Student : but all the guys there are butt buddies and have sex with each other in the change room
by A better school February 2, 2011
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