The act of loitering or remaining in a particular public place for a protracted time with the intent of eventually looting while staying busy committing other opportunistic offenses usually associated with loitering such as solicitation/prostitution.

Note: To upper and middle class non-felons this word roughly translates to the English word for shopping while not seriously considering to purchase said goods, or "browsing."
Looterer #1: So what are we doing out here? Hurricane Katrina blew through here and we ain't got no power...
Looterer #2: We're going to sit here, look as tough as we can, and grab them TVs when the sun goes down...it's called lootering stupid....
Looterer #1: Well played, been scouting this spot for a minute huh?....While we're at it we may as well try on some shoes and jewelry.
Looterer #2: You're a natural!
by $lapaho November 17, 2018
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(intransitive senses)
To participate in looting

Source: vernacular overheard in radio interview with a New Orleans resident.
There was a Krogers, and at first I saw some other people lootering...
by jaydub69 September 12, 2005
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