You are going to lose it in such a way that your bowels loosen, and you end up pooping.
by DSTHEHERO March 11, 2010
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You never use this word so please spell "losing" correctly from now on.
You mean you are LOSING the war, not LOOSING you idiot!
by Real World Person September 13, 2005
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THANK YOU! In the last 6 months everyone seems to be writing 'loosing'. THE WORD YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS LOSING.
L-O-S-I-N-G. You are losing the match, you are losing your talent, you are losing your virginity! The second definition is wrong, you would say 'loosening'
Newspaper Executive: Cristiano, this is the last straw, 'loosing' is not a word! I'm firing you!

Cristiano Ronaldo: Oh, I didn't know I had to be able to spell to do this job, I guess i'm just an idiot! Haha
by Mattaldinho September 04, 2008
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slightly out of control; barely but definitely out of bounds.
"Billie drank a half a fifth an' told three nuns,'Yinz all look hot!'"

"That's just loose, man!"
by Allen Yinzburgh December 14, 2016
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1. Opposite of tight. Baggy, roomy fitting.

2. Derogatory discription of a woman who has had many sexual partners.

2. Also common mis-spelling of lose.
I need a belt. My jeans are loose.

Man, yo woman's loose! (followed by receiving a punch)

Tonight, your team is going to loose.
by magicloudz December 07, 2003
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the result of being a whore
Every girl in the sophmore class of westfall high school in williamsport ohio is loose
by Lette4life May 22, 2006
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