1 n. c. Mythical creatures portrayed in ancient Chinese culture, with head of a horse, horns of a deer, ears of cattle, body of a snake, scales of a carp, claws of a hawk, palms of a tiger, with whiskers and beard but NO wings, capable of altering itself in size, length and color . Highly mobile in water as well as among clouds. It is generally regarded as benevolent and the source of rain, thunder and lightning.

Loong is a spiritually linked to the Chinese. highly regarded as the Chinese nation symbol. Chinese are proud of been called "descendants of Loong".

Loong apparently, is misinterpreted as "Dragonh. Matter of fact, Loong is so different in nature from Dragons that it is more reasonable to consider the tow as unrelated creatures.

2 n. The symbol of luck, power, in particular, the Chinese emperors, they were called "the son of Loong".

Bruce lee's real name? lee sio loong!
Jacky Chen's real name? Chen Loong!
by Reagan Woo March 30, 2006
A loonge is a makeshift bong made out of a plastic bottle tinfoil and pond water loonges are most common in the everyday methilhill junkie
Come doon tae the dam ond sook a loonge wi me tam
by Reekin bumchokeland January 27, 2020
if someone is over buff same as peng-a-leng
"dat breh is choong-a-loong"
by xpwincessblueyezx November 3, 2006
A really spotty person with good potential. A professional soccer player.
This young fellow is a Jamie Loong!
by LasosXD December 26, 2017
a leader who only cares about making money by putting more road gantries when fuel prices is already at its peak and claims this is "helping" the people. Can be used to describe a brat son who lived in such rich environment thanks to his father that he is 200% ignorant to the suffering and hardship of even the middle-class.
that is one hell of a lee hsien loong. The oil price is US$150 a barrel and he is now increasing road taxes.
by lovableidiot August 31, 2008
A bitch that only cares about raising tax and earning money
by Timothy bitch ass nigga September 8, 2020
The act of finding long objects and licking them.
Hey man! I’m going to a gay bar later, wanna lik loong?
by Pukimak123 August 25, 2019