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When a loofy is being generally fluffy and or adorable and happily bouncing/dancing about. Can also be used to describe a loofy going on adventures.
The loofy was so happy for the cookie that the loofy was happily loofing aaround.
The loofy had so much fun loofing about the forest, exploring it, and playing games.
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by Hawk_Jedilord May 26, 2018
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Loofing is when the man/woman shits in the sex-partner's vagina.

When loofing, the woman will in most cases lie on her back with her legs spread.
Ex 1: "Hey, Emily! How about some loofing tonight, eh?"

Ex 2: "Do you think that you would enjoy loofing?"
by ThatGuyWithoutGlasses January 27, 2011
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When you put your hands on your hips with the fingertips facing to your back and your wrist near your stomach; resembles a gay man or pregnant lady; another word for the gozzy
Hey, stop loofing! You look like a pregnant lady!
by Meredith and Rachel December 10, 2007
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