Used as an adjective to describe battybwoy activities
Mandem 1: "Lil nas x new music video is fiyah"
Mandem 2: "Ahlie fam"
elton john: "i like men"
mandem 1" FIYAH"
by lil brittney's prostate April 23, 2021
Get the Fiyah mug.'s mispronunciation of fire in the 2017 season of The Voice UK. It was turned into a song by which is now available on YouTube.
Whoever is comping up next, if you can hear me back there, don't be nervous, just bring that fiyah
by HomeLearner2020 October 9, 2017
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A slang term for "fire". Pronounced "fai-ah".
Damn, that bitch is on fiyah!!
by refuze May 28, 2005
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A variation of the word fire. Fiyah is slang describing anything that is hot or dope (good). First used by a group that goes by The Fiyah Station in 2001.
by T davis April 29, 2008
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ey u kno dat one guh makayla... yea she iz FIYAH!!!
by SeXXi KaY KaY April 12, 2005
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1. a man with charisma, style and other desirable attributes by the opposite sex, and sometimes the same sex.
2. what dylan from "da band" spits
def. 1...mike is hot fiyah.
def. the 5 greatest rappers...dylan, dylan, dylan, dylan and dylan...because i spit hot fiyah
by hot fiyah/top notch January 4, 2005
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A variation of "Hot fire"
can be applied to a wide variety of things such as

1. When someone's looking too sexy
2. When someone's performance is top notch whether it be in video games, sports, or any activity or action they made.
3. White people's poor attempt at trying to sound trini.
1. *Girl posts sexy pic on Facebook*
Comment : "Hot fiyah!"

2.Video games/ Sports :
Boy 1: "damn nig you're on fire.."
Boy 2: "hot fiyah, hot fiyah!"

3. White guy trying to talk to trini girl
Boy: "Yo I got this trini accent down"
Girl: "Ok go"
Boy: "gyal you be on dat Hot fiyah n shit"
*Girl walks away in shame*
by Hot fiyah101 June 9, 2013
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