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When a group of men walk around downtown in a confident mood looking for women.
After a pleasant ale drinking session at the King's Arms Pub, the men went longcocking about the town.
by pumpkinheadjack October 05, 2017
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longcocking to give the full lenght of ones cock, after an interval of only giving the first half. "william mccuscer"
bill would bang his new girlfriends with half his dick, until they started getting bored, then he would start longcocking them.
by jimbo October 20, 2004
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The act of "measuring up" with another man. It happens when two men (usually drunk or high) will start to argue about penis length. It happens when one man pulls it out and lays it on a table. This is the challenge stage.

When the other man lays his out and both penises are measured, it is said that the winner has longcocked the loser. He will then collect his spoils, if there were bets placed.
"Old Harry was out longcocking at the pub last night. He won three drinks before the cops took him home."

"After Dave longcocked the police chief, he was never given another speeding ticket again. The chief kept his longcocking habit on the down low for a few months after that."
by ChangeTheTopic May 13, 2012
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