A shirt with sleeves that cover you up to your fingers or wrist or up to your elbows
I wear long sleeves because it is cold outside
by the correct definitions August 25, 2019
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A girl/boy (preferably emo) wearing long sleeves to cover self harm cuts or scars.
Look at her and her long sleeves.
by Yexcbjiom December 27, 2017
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ORGIN: Detroit,MI MEANING: Any Yukon XL, Suburban, Escalade ESV, Navigator L, or Expedition MAX/XLT. Any extended truck manufactured by GM,Ford or Chrysler (Stellantis).
I about to hit the A-lot & cop a long sleeve.
by Tyrants Hate Culture July 4, 2023
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"Dude, I have a long sleeve - tough to put the rubber on"
by engrishfan June 13, 2016
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"Are you going to wear shorts today?"
"Yea, but it's cold, so I'm going to wear long sleeve shorts"
by MeganMe May 2, 2007
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A long sleeve party shirt is a crop top or cleavage exposing shirt, that is worn in the wintertime and obviously has long sleeves. It is a shirt that is slutty, but looks warm too!
I need to find a long sleeve party shirt for the party tonight.
by fcb^ December 29, 2016
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