A night where you are waiting for good or bad news concerning something and cannot sleep.
Leslie went emo and made Nathan endure a long night.
by thisnameshouldntbeinuse7676 October 5, 2011
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an amazing night that "almost" ALWAYS results in getting laid/having sex from the night into the morning light. Usually involves the male doing multiple sex positions and having to go into work the next day at 6-7 in the morning either:

1) Hungover and really tired.
2) Hungover, hungry and really tired.
3) Just plain tired from amazing sex.
Friend: Dude you look like crap, the hell happened last night?

you: I had a long night.

Friend: ah dang man, you know what go sleep somewhere I'll fill in for you.

you: thanks I owe you
by whatitdowhatsmyname? February 24, 2010
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When a two people kiss cuddle & fuck during the late night and early morning hours of the day.
Craig : So why were you late for work again today?
Chad: I was over at Kiersten's again and we went "All Night Long" and my dick was tired this morning!
Craig : Nice!!!
by SlopNChop December 18, 2016
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Hooking up with someone and having sex all night long.
So where have you been?
I met this guy id seen around before but i didnt think he liked me,but he took me to his place and oh my god did he fuck me! We went all night long!
by Online chatter October 24, 2008
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A way to express adamant concurrence with something just said.

"Dude, if and when I ever have the opportunity again, I'm going to buy a 12 pack of heady goo-balls."

"All night long to that, brotha."
by imtheantelope June 29, 2008
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The headiest of heady.
"Dude, that place has a mammoth burger. When she handed it to me I was like... 'ohhhh all night long!'"
by imtheantelope July 11, 2008
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The act a ruining a womans night with the lack of enthusiam and the unwillingness of your penis to perform well, if at all, and your fat belly and uncharming parts begin to show. Hence the woman is greatly pissed with unsatisaction and new found hate, yet feels sad she chose you on her own free will
She just asked him to take her home and Jeff said to her," I would dissapoint you all night long", she accepted and he did.
by vegamite spread. July 18, 2012
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