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A night where you are waiting for good or bad news concerning something and cannot sleep.
Leslie went emo and made Nathan endure a long night.
by thisnameshouldntbeinuse7676 October 04, 2011
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an amazing night that "almost" ALWAYS results in getting laid/having sex from the night into the morning light. Usually involves the male doing multiple sex positions and having to go into work the next day at 6-7 in the morning either:

1) Hungover and really tired.
2) Hungover, hungry and really tired.
3) Just plain tired from amazing sex.
Friend: Dude you look like crap, the hell happened last night?

you: I had a long night.

Friend: ah dang man, you know what go sleep somewhere I'll fill in for you.

you: thanks I owe you
by whatitdowhatsmyname? February 23, 2010
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