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Long Lake is an 11 mile long lake in the heart of Maine's Lakes Region. Superior to neighboring Sebago Lake for its causeway and lots of options for Entertainment and food at both ends of the lake. Best lake in all of Maine, home to the Songo River Queen II Paddle Boat. Fuck you Sebago
Guy 1: ya I went to long lake this weekend it's fucking dope

Guy 2: I stayed at that shithole Point Sebago, and I didn't do shit and there were rich people everywhere
by NokomisNorth June 01, 2017
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A lake in Wisconsin where the pimps and playa's roll, spitting there game upon the lovely women of the state. California and Illinois come together to ride together here at Long Lake. Staying Crunk 24/7 and living by the quaff.
Dude lets go to Long Lake so we can be like the pimps out there and get some pussy.
by Kevin Cray July 13, 2004
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