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this is for the long lakers who would do ANYTHING just to be back at long lake camp for like 2 seconds...
to all the long lakers who spent hours rehersing, danced untill they collapsed, sang untill they couldnt sing anymore, sat through the princess bride, longed for midnight pizza, snuck food at the water park, snuck candy from packages, spent the 4th of july at the beach with the 'townies', been to hosses at least once, played teather ball, lost teatherball, know every word to rent, spent hours in the fab, have yelled hand check, have been yelled hand check by a counsler, groaned when hearing the word sports, attempted to climb herm rock, sat on the ladies bench, satin an oversized adirondac chair, signed the pac, the rylee or the walls of your bunk, know why hell night should be called peace and love night and why the next morning is hell, barely slept on hell night, cried because the session was over and of course... made the most amazing frineds
yeahh i went to long lake camp this summer.. and it was no joke the greatest 3 weeks of my life
by long lake obsessionn October 28, 2006
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You Know You Go To Long Lake When:

You meet the most amazing people in the whole world

The second someone starts playing Seasons of Love on the piano everyone starts singing, and it sounds amazing

You know all to well that people w/ accents are sexier than those w/out.

You know the finale/dance to Chorus Line regardless of whether or not you were in the show.

You can quote The Princess Bride word for word.

You see people sucking fingers in public and it doesn't seem wierd.

You get "The Talk" within the first week of camp and still manage to get away with everything on hell night.

The only reason people play sports are because of the hot sports staff.

The first thing you think about when sitting in an Adirondack chair is the HMS.

When Roxey's Suite from Chicago plays you get "excited".

You have to side hug counselors because the owners are scared you will have an affair with them if you hug them.

You continue to fight over whether or not counselors are gay or straight weeks after camps over.

You are either Jewish, Rich or Like boys. You MUST fall under one of these three categories.

You have gotten caught buying things at Enchanted Forest/Water Safari.

You understand the meaning of "having aids" or "being pregnant".

You were new and at first you thought OD meant overdose.

When you hear the word sports, you groan.

You cut the line every night to get canteen, regardless of whether you want it or not.

You go rain dancing, mudlsiding, or "Slip-n-Slidding".

You know every word to Rent.

You know what to say to "Dance Department.." and "Circus Deparemnt.."

You own a homade pair of pajamas from the FAB.

You have been to Hoss' at least once.

You put your silverwear upside down in the Moooo. or know what a moo is for that matter

You have recieved or given a lap dance.

You have played a stupid game like Spin the flashlight / Never Have I ever.

You constnatly see or are part of big orgies.

If youre a girl You walk around in your pajamas looking like crap because you know that all of the boys are gay.

You have either rang or contemplated ringing the bell.

You have played and lost a game of tetherball.

You sneak around the back of the Unit Leader Shack or use the phones under the stairs just to maximize your call time.

You have hooked up with somebody. Come on, you can't go to Long lake and not hook up with anybody.

The townies thinks you are an indie art feak and look at you weird at the fireworks when you skank to the band.

You have friends in other countries.

You have yelled at table caller or told them to put you on the list before your bunk is even there.

You have a hidden stash of food from Water Safari.

You run to get to sunday morning breakfast.

You know how to Skank and love the camp's ska band.

You have conquered herm rock.

You found a way to pass the time during Superman Returns

You know how to get to Urinetown

You have friends who write erotica...on request.

You've wanted to kick those little kids out of their mini-cars and go joy riding.

Girls: You know boys that wear more makeup than you.

You hug and kiss all your friends...regardless of gender.

You've been offered a temporary home in someone's basement.

You know the gay boys have to stay away from the girls just dont know why.

You have gotten yelled at while trying to find the makeout shack.

All of your stories at home begin with "At my camp..."

CAMP owns your life and all of your camp friends are your best.
long lake camp is my lifeee
by long laker 2006 August 25, 2006
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