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Farting in your partner's face while they cum while speaking in a british accent.
Sam shouted "I'm coming guv'na, if I can just see through this London Fog!" while cumming in Lizzy's mouth as she simultaneously farted in his face.
by Lord Smellderberry August 23, 2018
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by Hukra March 14, 2009
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1. When a woman is receiving cunnilingus and expels a fart into her partner's face, intentional or otherwise.

2. When you're going down on a lady and she farts in your face.

Alt: For a queef / use the phrase Parisian Mist.
I wasn't super into him so when he started going down on me, I gave him the London Fog!
by Lady Deathstryke October 23, 2015
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A drink in which Earl Grey tea is mixed with steamed milk and vanilla.
Earl Grey tea is nice, but I prefer a London Fog because of its' sweeter and richer taste.
by Alkadix November 14, 2007
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After fellatio, when the receiver shoots their load into their
partner's eyes so that they can't see.
This one time I really didn't want to return the favor to this girl,
so I gave her the London Fog and busted out of there.
by Travis Urban December 20, 2006
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The act of wiping your wrist between your butcheeks then confidently asking the nearest person to smell your new cologne.

For best results be sure to leave your wrist moist, hot, sticky and with a slight discoloration.

Can also refer to someone, or something that smells like shit.
"Hey check out this new new cologne I got, it's called london fog."

"Do you wear London fog or something? Cus you smell like shit."

"It smells like london fog in here."

"Your breath smells like london fog."
by kballs April 17, 2009
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An instance where a substance is being smoked, whether it be cigarettes, cigars, hookah or illegal substances and a thick cloud of smoked being exhaled by another in a group happens to drift and blind another member of the group momentarily much like a thick fog on a rainy London morning
Fucking Mike took the biggest rip off of that hookah and it drifted into my face, gave me a bloody London Fog!
by Edger Winter June 29, 2009
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