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An aesthetically pleasing,physically fit male. a.k.a A man-pony,
monied-pas tense

Comes from the definition of "Pony": referring to an attractive female.

Can be used as a compliment by women in a sexual way or by men in a non-sexual way, but is mainly used as a self title.
"I'm a mony bud."

"Your lookin like a genuine mony today stud."

"Do you think that guy's a mony?....fag"

"Monies know they'll be gettin their dick sucked."

"I'm off gettin monied up at the gym."
by kballs April 15, 2009

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the act of putting a piece of cheese on your penis, and rubbing it against a pussy, asshole or another penis until the cheese melts.
"I made my mony friend Milton munch my meat melt last Monday."

"I went to costco to buy cheddar for my meat melt party."

"When I saw that she was fat I knew then and there that this was my chance to finally make my meat melt a reality"
by kballs April 17, 2009

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The act of wiping your wrist between your butcheeks then confidently asking the nearest person to smell your new cologne.

For best results be sure to leave your wrist moist, hot, sticky and with a slight discoloration.

Can also refer to someone, or something that smells like shit.
"Hey check out this new new cologne I got, it's called london fog."

"Do you wear London fog or something? Cus you smell like shit."

"It smells like london fog in here."

"Your breath smells like london fog."
by kballs April 17, 2009

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