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Slang, short for the Hebrew word Shalom. Used among young kids much akin to sup (short for what's up).

Used to both start and end a conversation.
Lom. Could you spot me $5?

Lom. Sorry dude, my favorite hamster just died and I need to save up for the funeral. Go ask Mordi. Lom
by slanglover February 18, 2014
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abbreviation for "Love Of Mine"; usually used when a person is texting, but does not have enough characters left to write out the words or is in a hurry & doesn't have time to write out the words
Hey! I'm going to sleep now, but I just wanted to say goodnight babe, LOM
by angelintearz March 13, 2008
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Act of extremely painful yet boring violence. Often with fatal outcomes. In most cases, the victim will be violated while being educated by the attacker in such terms as; Leadership, echonomics and marketing.

The cause of death is always boredom, not the violence.
Holy shit! He just got løm'ed!
I'm gonna løm you up kid!
by justsomefuckingguy May 18, 2007
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Sad and lonely person with no friends (sarcastic abbrv. of Loads of Mates)
Glyn is such a lom, look at him hanging around on his own
by Whippersnapper April 04, 2005
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L.O.M. - Lecherous Old Man

That guy who sexually takes advantage of individuals below the age of 18, when he's above it.
That son of a bitch L.O.M. is prowling the high schools again. Best round up the possy

Historical reference: "Thats what I love about high school girls, i get older, they stay the same age heheheh."
by hoesnotshmoes January 05, 2011
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