A common mispelling of the term lolcano. Due to its frequent use it is now a real term that describes so many lol's that they could fill a canoe.
hello i am masterchief loloololololollolollolollololcanoe.

hellen keller. . . lolcanoe
by The Nife February 23, 2009
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A sudden outburst of laughter, usually used in a sarcastic way or texting in place of "lol" or "lawlz"
literal meaning-
Bonnie: I just laughed so hard I threw up a little bit!
Cara: Bahahahaha, oh my god LOLCANO!

sarcastic meaning-
status update: b0r3d, texxxt meee!!

reply: lolcano..
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The point where one believes that they may erupt/explode in LOL's. (An Abbreviation for Laughing out loud). Commonly affiliated with ROFL or LMAO. Only the most humerous of events should be appointed a LOLcano.
Russell: What did you do on the weekend?
Sid: I went out, and I kissed a girl.
Russell: LOLcano
by harry meat March 01, 2011
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when your laughing so much you start spiting all over the place like an erupting volcano
boy: hay girl
girl: what
boy: suck my dick
by Jamieb95 January 21, 2011
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Commonly used by homosapions raging from the ages of child hood to the teenager years in which kids become more disabidient. It is an eruption of laughter not caused by the tectonic plates.
Steve: There was a lolcano in science today.
Simon: lolcano
Steve: Over some fat kid getting stuck in his model volcano.
by sitush January 08, 2009
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