A substitute for "true dat" or for all you tools out there, "on dogs."
Pete: "Dude that girl be a straight up ho!"
Jeff: "Lock it bitch!"
by Wizard Girl September 20, 2009
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When you’re committed to one person in a relationship, and won’t let anyone else or anything tear the two of you apart. Only the two in the relationship has the key.
Cardi B and Offset are locked in now; he proposed to her!
by LulKnowItAll February 17, 2018
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We are taking a one hour twitter/blackberry break. lock in!!!

Get locked in!!!
by NicLydon April 9, 2009
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“I’m going to lock in for the frat house birthday!”
by tp219 June 8, 2021
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A persons long beautiful silky hair usually it can be used as a sexual stimulant!
As Chad was fucking Keirsten from behind her sexy blonde locks brushed his face and made his boner harder and harder!
by SlopNChop May 17, 2016
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A character from the 1994 role playing game Final Fantasy VI who is famous for being a dick.
Celes: You keep your dead girlfriend in some old dude's basement? Gross.
Locke: I'll protect you!
Terra: I thought you said you would protect me, asshole.
by pocketseizure November 9, 2012
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