The act of lifting and floating. Also the wasting of time when important stuff has to get done.
"Hey Sarracini, stop loafting man, we gotta go smash stuff!"
by Brokkalakis September 29, 2009
to take long to do something
im trying to deal with her but shes loafting on her answer.
by laysizz September 13, 2003
n; loaft, loafter, loafting
to loaft - to do nothing productive
"We've got things to do, stop loafting."
"Don't loaft man, we've got to go bun."
"Look at this guy, he's doing nothing. What a loafter!"
by Sphinks May 9, 2006
loaft is a term used to discribe a person who is lazy with getting things done, eventually making them late for everything.

a loaft will be loafting, which is basically laying around.

a loaft is a loafter if they continuesly loaft
"where's kyle? he was supossed to be here 2 hours ago!"
"man he's probably at home loafting..."
*calls kyle*
"yo kyle man, are you almost here?"
"ya man like 5 minutes! Soon, okay? bye."
*hangs up*
"see i told you he was just loafting!"
"man kyle's such a loaft!"
by hearmytype February 9, 2010
Incorrect pronunciation and/or spelling of the word "loaf" which is to be lazy. Some retard along the line thought it would be cool to add a "t" to the end but continue to use the word the same way anyways.
Bob: Man this has been a real slack day..

Jim: Yeah i've been loafting.

Bob: Your a douchebag its pronounced "loafing"
by urquhart07 February 4, 2010
to bum around carelessly
"whatchu sayin' this summer?"
"ahh you'll find me loafting at the mall"
by Jessica June 20, 2003
"the 5-0's gonna bust us for loafting up here"
by Jessica August 5, 2003