Liz is crazy,funny,weird.shedoes like going outside a lot nor walking that much.she always tries to make you laugh.she is kind but if you get on her bad side she will NOT be kind.She will like to be with a small group of friends most of the time but have a lot of friends.a lot of people will want to be her friend.She will most likely be a person who likes watching YouTube or nextflix .she also loves her bed.if you meet a Liz your lucky because she’s a keep and is really funny
I love Liz’s jokes she is so funny
by Miss Bacon January 02, 2019
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liz is such a sexbomb she is basically a porn star cos shes so damn smokin. She has the skills of a porn star and is also basically the most popular girl in school. She like boys with six packs and they all want her because not only is she smokin but she also has the best personality everr. Shes just the best girl ever.
"hey is that liz?"
"man I wanna bang the shit outta that bitch"
by cherrygirl123456 April 19, 2015
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The friend you go to that understands how girls work because she herself is a girl and is willing to help you smash.
Bro 1: “I can’t talk to girls because I’m too shy.
Bro 2: “Sounds like you need a Liz in your life.
by ThatDoctor March 03, 2018
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A really sexy bitch. Everyone wants to fuck her, and typically has extremely large boobs. A Liz is typically very thin and short with a very cute face. In a word, fuckable.
Dude! did you see that girl? She was such a liz.
by Pocket007 January 02, 2009
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What a ‘Liz’ (clever, methodical, funny and always ready to give a helping hand)
Now thats a real Liz move, couldn’t have got it done without it.
by chichiwowser February 28, 2019
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