A phrase to be used like a sexual innuendo and should be followed by the word "ladies" with the action of finger gunning to embarrass and create awkward moments between friends and the oppositie sex.
How about we go back to my place for a nice warm cookie...ladies *finger guns to seal the deal*
by makeitawkward9 September 10, 2014
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Stems from a beloved cafeteria worker who would always offer her fresh chocolate chip cookies as, “Warm cookies kids.” Many years later we still use the phrase for chocolate chip cookies.
Mom - The warm cookies kids just came out of the oven.
by MCHS Alum February 29, 2004
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The fond, pleasurable memories of your grandmother while engaging in sexual intercourse.
After several minutes of lackluster sex, the Warm Oatmeal Cookie flashed in Jonnie's mind.
by Wasthatabear March 19, 2017
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