Lívia is a very loyal, smart, kind human being. Though she may be weird she is the best friend you have. She is short but more mature then most of the people she knows. She protects her friends ad if you hurt them, she will hurt you. She loves making people laugh and is very sympathetic. Event hough she may have insecurities she is the most good looking person you know. She is your best friend. Everyone needs a Lívia.
by Katherine Mickle June 10, 2019
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Livia is the collets girl you will ever meet. She is smart, pretty, lovable and so short that you just want to take her with you and put her in your pocket.
-Who is that girl? she is sooo hot and cute.
-She's a Livia ! Pretty rare to get.
-Wow! I need to talk to her.
by livia dallas December 05, 2015
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The best person you could ever have as a girlfriend. Wife her up now. She has blue eyes that sparkle and if she ever broke up with you, she probably regrets it. She is so smart but so dumb at the same time. She is a soccer god that is really tall.
“Livia is lit as heck
by __livia__ November 23, 2018
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Livia is usually a beautiful girl with vocabulary very vast. She has pretty eyes and her hair is usually very luscious. She does well in school with very good grades, and in the workplace, her colleagues applaud her every time she does something well.

Everybody loves Livia because of how kind and empathetic she is.
Livia is very popular round people who's names start with A (like Adam or Avisheh). They bow every time she speaks, and are always very polite.
She is a great person to be friend/lovers with.
I met a girl called Livia yesterday. She's the best person ever.
Dude, look at my girlfriend, Liv. Isn't she so pretty and hot?
by avisheh-hater May 26, 2021
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Livia is the most beautiful, pretty, gorgeous, cute, sweet, nice and just the most wonderful person in the world.

Everything about her is perfect and it's impossible to ever stop loving her.
She makes everything moment you're with her much better like 10000000 times better and she makes your life better and just makes you a better person.
by DaffyDuckler January 27, 2019
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Where do I start, Livia is the most kindest, most empathetic person you’ll ever meet . She’s quite underrated when it comes to her kindness due to her tuff shell. She also is very smart, she knows a lot of things, good and bad. She’s mostly interested in science and history which makes her somewhat a nerd. Ok this case, a very beautiful nerd. She has beautiful wavy brown hair, the kindest eyes, and the most superb smile. That smile will most definitely light up any room she walks in.
Kent: I should totally shoot my shot for Livia

Friend: dude totally, she’s great I’m so many ways and you two would be great!
by Thotty hotty March 06, 2019
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Livia is a black man who later in life becomes trans, due to his homosexual feelings. After the surgery, Livia is left with a nub. Despite this setback, she becomes a stripper and has 53 kids resulting from her other job as a stripper. At night Livia sucks and licks her nub as it turns her on. In short terms, Livia is a hoe in which is both trans and is sexually attracted to themselves.
OMG I had 53 kids with Livia, but I love her nub!
via giphy
by DextelOne December 31, 2019
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