One of the most succesful clubs in England, holding the most European Cups 2 more than their arch rivals Manchester United. People often refer to their fans as "glory supporters" but they probably have the best supporters in England, with the famous Kopite and most of their fans ACTUALLY live in Liverpool unlike Manchester United who do acutally have glory hunting fans!
United fan - What team do you support?
Liverpool fc fan - Liverpool
United fan - Haha they're shit
Liverpool fc fan - How many European cups have you won? Who won 4-1 at Old Trafford?
United fan - shut up we're still better!
Liverpool fc fan - How?
United fan - Dont know im thick and dont know anything about my team and going to support someone else when we start loosing games
by liverpool4life92 May 28, 2009
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A Bunch of thieving wankers from the Merseyside who can't win a premier league title. Known to all outside of Analfield as Scouse bastards.
Mate, You know Liverpool FC are coming to the East End?" "Oh shite, better lock up the house and the motor, thieving scouse bastards!
by Uptheirons2012 June 29, 2011
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Just beat West Ham in a 3-1 penalty shootout for the FA Cup. One of, if not the, most decorated football (soccer) teams in history
liverpool fc is better than you
by Ryan O'Sullivan May 19, 2006
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wer can u start. fans from everywhere but merseyside, murderin bastards, biggest fan is called "the badge man" cos hes a retarded irish man
by EFC-EFC-EFC August 13, 2008
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A shit football club from england who have neve won a premier league
Liverpool fc scouse bastards are back
via giphy
by Pillack fv June 01, 2020
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The worst of the big four in the English Premier League (Arsenal, Manchester United, Everton, and Liverpool). They, and everton, have the worst success in the EPL in its history. What they have one is the Champions League tournament. However, their only wins are not from legitimate skill. They thrive on penalty kick goals and horrendous officiating to drive them to championships. As a current event, they have recently defeated arsenal due to a PK. Pathetic.....
Person 1: Hey did you see Liverpool FC win the UCL last year?

Person 2: Yeah, they had three PKs in the championship and only won 3-2. They're so lucky.
by Arsenal Fan April 08, 2008
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