A shit football club from england who have neve won a premier league
Liverpool fc scouse bastards are back
by Pillack fv June 01, 2020
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the best team in the premier league with great players like: mo salah, virgil van dijk and roberto firmino.
why are these liverpool fc definitions created in the 2000's?
by plscommitdie February 07, 2021
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Biggest gobshites ever . Think vvd is the best centre back in the world the one season wonder twat .

United fan : how many times have you won the premier league

Delusional gobshite from Norway : 6 tImEs

Man united fan : go and die you little bin dipping rat you live in a cousil house back in Norway where you wank of Slippy g But then remember that he’s never won the league but Rooney has stalling has and even Ashley young has you twat .
by Mufc20times December 14, 2019
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Most hated club in English Football. Fans are also bragging about wins but are trolled when they lose. This shite team was also founded when it was given birth by its Father Everton Fc.
“You support Liverpool FC? What a plastic!
by plastic VARpool and city October 22, 2020
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