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Little Neck is a middle-class community in Eastern Queens, comprised mostly of single-family homes. Little Neck has a lot going for it, including:

-Some of the best public and Catholic education in NYC
-Generally a safe neighborhood (provided you don't do anything stupid that deserves an ass-kicking).
-LIRR will take you to the City in about 40 minutes (and only 30 minutes to CitiField.)
-Northern Blvd. has great small restaurants and tchotchka shops, and nearby Douglaston Plaza is basically a mall.
-Home to the largest Memorial Day parade in the country, which is frequented by mayors and congressmen alike.

In short, a pretty nice place to live, drink, and die.
Tim: I'm from Little Neck.
Nick: So are your parents from Brooklyn or Korea?
by HowYouDoinnn November 30, 2009
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Town in eastern Queens, consists of Marathon Parkway, Little Neck Parkway, Northern Blvd, part of above Northern and all the way near Creedmore Mental Institution. The streets generally run from 244th-263rd st. Aka LNCK. We got drama with almost every town around us, and we end up running ish. Everybody wants to pop off to us, but in the end LNCK ends up just beating the sh!t out of whoever wants beef. 94 Park, 67 Park, 24 Deli, The Church Yard, Pool Hall, etc. LNB owned the town till they were recently disbanded, and most of the beef has died down but we're still as hard as ever don't get it twisted. Pop off, get beat down, we don't need your respect we'll just beat your ass instead.
"You're from where? Little Neck"
"Wtf is Little Neck"
"Come through, pop off and we'll show you"
by SeEk1eR September 26, 2007
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Is between Queens and Long island
It is the suburbs mostly houses no ghettos or projects in sight. well kept homes

Don't listen to anyone that says Lneck is Ghetto it is hella not. rarely any crime is ever committed in history. Please stop there is no ghettos or buildings there it is next to bayside and Great neck. no blacks there. Everytime i see Lneck tagged up on the wall ima buff ittt.

ps it is not even queens ok thank you
lets go fuck up the wiggas in little neck
by im unknown flushinq kid April 07, 2009
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