Some Thing Me And My Friends Refer to about the growing amount of teenage mothers in McDonalds or any where lol in Stockton-on-Tees or The UK!
Billy: Mammy i want a happy meal!
TeenMother: Damn it Billy you fuck Shut up!
Billy: Mammy whos my Daddy?
TeenMother: I Dont Know Son!
Damn it Billy Mammy is trying to work Damn it!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 17, 2004
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1) A general name given to an excessively annoying, "special", non-coherant little boy who pesters people like a bad wound that won't heal.
2) The cartoon character on Cartoon Network on the show "The Grim Tales of (something)" who puts two or more ideas (which don't go together) and makes them into one idea.
Teacher: Did you do the homework, Little Billy?

Little Billy: I eat cancer when it its Mustard!!! MMMMmmmmMMMmMMMMMmmmmMMMmmm!!
by ThatTreeOutside August 11, 2003
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little billying is a word used to describe someone that is beefing yur mom
e.x bro i saw u little billying and my moms mad. shit says friend number 2
by hardyeeter69 April 25, 2019
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The all powerful 5 year old god who loves lollipops and has an accent. Also stop stealing my ideas Noam.
by Cereal Lord November 3, 2023
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