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a wild, excessivly fun Highlander sport involving: five bases, a head of cabbage, a wild goat, and a bat of Italian salami
Wow! That baseball hitter hit that ball clear to the sun! And look at the way he downs that saurkrout juice! He must have been a nufshling player!
by ThatTreeOutside March 29, 2003
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An exclamatory response which usually indicates or refers to a social event being ruined by this very word. Use to annoy the one-time-director of Civic Arts, P.P. (the Junior Arts members know him)in which he went bright red and threatened to kick out his only source of income-- only to be fired later that year anyway.
Paramedic: Give this man air! I need to preform a tripple bypass on his left pinky now! I--what the hell are you doing, kid??!!

Kid: Spap! Spap! Spap! (*Note: because of this kid yelling spap nonstop to the paramedic, he was unable to preform the life-saving techniques needed to save a downed man's life. There for he died, and the annoying kid ran away, shitting his pants in glee.
by ThatTreeOutside March 29, 2003
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A castrated duck, or a human wanting to be a castrated duck
Hey, check out that castrated duck trying to have sex! It remindes me of all those funny playas on TV!
by ThatTreeOutside April 4, 2003
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1) A general name given to an excessively annoying, "special", non-coherant little boy who pesters people like a bad wound that won't heal.
2) The cartoon character on Cartoon Network on the show "The Grim Tales of (something)" who puts two or more ideas (which don't go together) and makes them into one idea.
Teacher: Did you do the homework, Little Billy?

Little Billy: I eat cancer when it its Mustard!!! MMMMmmmmMMMmMMMMMmmmmMMMmmm!!
by ThatTreeOutside August 11, 2003
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A sound usually pertainign to a query, question, or just being used as an incomprehensible noise to confuse others around you
Guy#1: So, did you see that homeless man? I see he is fond of ketchup pakets.
Guy#2: Erp?
by ThatTreeOutside March 29, 2003
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