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The Best Fucking Rock Band Ever!!!
I challenge any one to find any thing better than QOTSA So Fucking Good!!!
James Gose To His CDs and picks his Rated R Album so fucking good!!!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 18, 2004

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58 Reasons not to install Internet Explorer:
1. It is EVIL!!!!!!!!
2: It wastes over 100 megs of hard drive space
3: Despite what Bill claims, it's not really free. Each installed copy of IE costs exactly one soul.
4: IE has more bugs than a bait store!
5: Installing it automatically signs you up for the security hole of the week club.
6: It can send your personal information to Microsoft.
7: It's been known to bite people's heads off.
8: Its installation process overwrites system DLLs with newer version that are not always 100% compatible.
9: The majority of people still use Netscape.
10: Microsoft wrote it. Do you really need another reason?
11: It scares young children.
12: Borg implants tend to itch like crazy.
13: It's proprietary; they don't want you to know what's in it.Mozilla's source code can be downloaded for free.
14: IE is "integrated" in to Windows. Netscape is a well behaved application. When IE crashes it can hose the system. Netscape won't do that.
15: The DOJ isn't after Netscape.
16: ActiveX allows hackers to do ANYTHING with your system. That's not true with Java.
17: Microsoft's Java is not compatible with standard Java and vice versa.
18: Netscape Navigator is available for more platforms that Internet Explorer. Heck, IE 6 dosn't even run on Windows 95!
19: If the install fails it can leave your system unusable.
20: Internet Explorer is evil.
21: If the install succeeds your system will be unusable.
22: Who in their right mind would want to view their hard drive as a $#%#@ web page?!
23: Overactive desktop? What exactly does that *DO* besides slow down the computer anyway?
24: Yes, we all want advertising on our desktops don't we? Nuke the channel bar.
25: You will just love the oversized tool bars if you have a 640*480 screen.
26: IE 4 on Windows 95 is basically Windows 98. And you know what a mess Windows 98 is right?
27: It has been rumored that IE can cause modems to explode.
28: Both the installer and the uninstaller are about as stable as nitroglycerin.
29: Need to use IE 3 AND IE 4? Forget it, you would have to dual boot between browsers... because IE is part of Bills OS.
30: Remember that RAM upgrade you did a few months ago? Well, you will need more.
31: 50 megs free on drive C: and 5 gigs on drive D:? Sorry, it installs 98% of its crap in the Windows system folder on drive C:!
32: Did you ever notice how easy it is to mistype "IE 4" as "IE $". Or is "IE 4" the typo?
33: IE has been proven to cause cancer in lab animals.
34: Once Micro$oft has crushed Netscape, they will cease any attempts to improve IE. (Not that they have put much effort in to it as it is).
35: ActiveX is limited to IE on Windows95/98/NT. It won't work on Mac, Linux, DOS, Windows 3.1, etc. or with other browsers.
36: It will make your monitor spin and vomit.
37: Do you really understand the IE license in legal terms? You are now Bill's towel boy.
38: IE is so evil, even Satin won't use it.
39: Most web content is still developed for Netscape Navigator.
40: IE is such a smelly piece of crap, even Mr. Hanky won't get near it.
41: The web is based on open standards. Open standards are incompatible with Internet Explorer, or any Microsoft product for that matter.
42: If you care at all about the data on your hard drive you won't install it.
43: Microsoft forces people to install and use it through bundling and unnecessary integration. If it were really any good do you think they would have to do that?
44: AOL uses IE.
45: Did I mention IE is evil?
46: Each time a copy of Internet Explorer is installed, Bill Gates has an orgasm.
47: IE's full name, MSIE is pronounced "messy". Do you really want to be a "messy" user?
48: Because "Everyone is doing it". That is the wrong reason to do anything.
49: Because management thinks IE is good.
50: For businesses, IE and Windows 98 have no place in a business environment because of all the non-optional advertising and distracting bells and whistles.
51: Because only a couple of the entries in this list are jokes. The rest are TRUE.
52: Netscape Navigator / Communicator is STILL better than IE.
53: Netscape has a cool mascot, Mozilla. Microsoft has Evie the Evil "e".
54: IE changes the way your Windows 95 desktop works even if you don't install the "enhanced" desktop.
55: At various points IE identifies itself as being "Mozilla" compatible. Why use a bad clone when you can use the real thing instead?
56: Compaq ships business computers with Windows 95 (or NTWS 4), not 98 because many companies don't want 98 and it's mandatory browser.
57: When Compaq ships IE 4.01 on Windows 95, they include a nice little leaflet titled in big letters "Problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 for Windows 95 - Computer Non-responsive on Shutdown"
58:All Micro$oft crap is well crap!!!

Disclaimer: I can not be held responsible for the damage or loss of data that IE will cause. Anyone who installs IE because of this list deserves what he/she gets.
by James "Mr X" Smith January 16, 2004

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Pop Idol"bone idol" , Fame Academy "Shame Academy" and fucking American idol... Shame on this world for this!!!

Townies Fucking Suck LoL
Fucking Pop Music will be the end of this Doomed World Fucking Armys of Manufactured bands thanks to Crap TV Shows like Pop Idol, Fame Academy and fucking American idol... shame on the world copying this shit culture! Im proud to give pop music the finger and say Fuckyou you Towni Fucks!!! lol
by James "Mr X" Smith January 17, 2004

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Maybe the best god damn game ever!

THPS .................................... PSOne

THPS .................................... N-Gage

THPS2 .................................... PSOne

THPS3 .................................... PSTwo, X Box, G3
THPS4 .................................... PSTwo, X Box, G3
THUG .................................... PSTwo,X Box, G3
THUG 2 .................................... End of 2004
All Very Good Games
James went online with his PS2 and kicked ass LOL!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 18, 2004

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This School is the worse fucking school ever! how do I know coz I want there for five fucking years, really who the hell would give me James Smith sponsored awards in ICT and ICT Des Tech lol, well I would but a school, it was official I was the most average person in the school lol
James Smith Unique, thinks for his self, lady’s man lol
by James "Mr X" Smith January 18, 2004

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A very annoying person "FuckAss"!
Stephen Palgrave IS A FUCKASS!!!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 15, 2004

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Some Thing Me And My Friends Refer to about the growing amount of teenage mothers in McDonalds or any where lol in Stockton-on-Tees or The UK!
Billy: Mammy i want a happy meal!
TeenMother: Damn it Billy you fuck Shut up!
Billy: Mammy whos my Daddy?
TeenMother: I Dont Know Son!
Damn it Billy Mammy is trying to work Damn it!
by James "Mr X" Smith January 17, 2004

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