A person or animal of a remarkable and distinct cuteness, regardless of size.
Omg look at that dog, he's such a littel!
by zarajax June 12, 2019
A kyler with a small wanker when he gets hard it just gets smaller
by Cockfighter6969 April 13, 2020
a littel man that drinks and trows up when he chugs wastes beer and kind of gay
by moe November 24, 2003
Annoying person who complains a lot typically smaller in "size" and typically dose not have the balls (courage) to do anything by him or her self.
Littel bitch -"I'ma tell Mom that you haven't cleaned your room"

Ass hole -"wow I can't believe my older brother is such Littel bitch "
by Unicorn With A Huge Dick May 26, 2017