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A term used by alt-right personality Dave Rubin to describe Australians who have turned in their firearms to their government and have no other choice but to run/bound from danger.
Alt-right friend: Did you see the news about the guy fleeing the attack in Sydney? He is a Literal Kangaroo.
by BLU3L4NTERN September 18, 2019
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A marsupial, from the macropodidae family, that Dave Rubin claimed to see in Australia.
Dave Rubin: "Do you know this about Australia? They've got kangaroos running in public. So you're just driving your car and a kangaroo phssew just like that."

Skyler Turden: "Is that like another racial pejorative?"

Dave Rubin: "No no, a literal kangaroo."

Skyler Turden: "Really? I need to make sure that I urban dictionary literal kangaroo, 'cus I'm not always up.. like you said you don't always follow media matters, I don't follow the neo-nazis and the alt-right, like I don't have David Duke in my timeline."
by Some Purpledude September 17, 2019
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Assumed to be a racial pejorative for a specific group of people residing in Australia; it is unknown if this is truly a racial pejorative, but for citizens of the world it is better to assume it is in order not to offend anyone. This phrase was coined in a conversation between Dave Rubin and Skyler Turden.

An alternate definition: a real "literal" kangaroo
I'll have to check urban dictionary to see if literal kangaroo is a racial pejorative in some form or another because I am not caught up with all the alt-right metaphors and racial slurs.
by Mas malignement September 17, 2019
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a literal kangaroo. it's just a kangaroo
I saw a literal kangaroo while I was in Australia
by frogeegurl September 17, 2019
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Racial pejorative; often used by neo-nazis and the alt-right to describe marsupials that run amok in Australia.
Dave: Hey Skyler, did you know they’re are literal kangaroos that run in public?
Skyler: Is that, like, another racial pejorative?
Cenk: It’s on the internet, look it up- GOOGLE IT, it’s really easy.
by The Somnambulist September 17, 2019
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