Liselotte is a giggle girl.
Liselotte is honest and sweet and she makes you happy.

Liselotte Is a girl every boy wants to have
a boy said : I don't think I deserve you, Liselotte.
by WeirdgirlAKme October 17, 2011
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Liselotte is a caring, loving, shy, short, a little bit insecure but beautiful woman. Her hair is wavy and always gorgeous, and her eyes has the most friendliest glance in the world. She would do anything for her family and friends, the ones she love. If you have a Liselotte in your life you’re a lucky mf. She has the finest soul of them all, loves children and animals, is incredibly loyal and always goes the extra mile for someone else's happiness. But she should definitely think of herself more and dare to be who she really is, because her personality is beautiful like few. Everyone needs a Liselotte in their life
Peter- Wow Liselotte is the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen! I think I’m in love

Josef- I know, her kind personality and the way she acts towards everybody is mesmerising, she could make anyone fall in love with her.
by Anonymousangelll December 29, 2022
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A big ass headed girl that lives in NY with rats and deadass doesn't even have a pair of timbs
Ayo Liselotte deadass ain't gon b here at the square? On my pops Liselotte b playin b!
by Thanhphamous November 19, 2018
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Liselotte is derived from Lotte. Lotte is an abbreviation of Charlotte. This is the French, feminine form, of the name Karel. This one-rooted Germanic name means 'man, free man (not of nobility)'.
Lotte often occurs in combination with Lise, for example as Liselotte. Lise is an abbreviation of Elisabeth.

Liselotte is the girl everyone needs, but not who everyone wants. They just don't know what is good for them. Shame on them.
She is sweet, honest, smart, pigheaded, fierce and strong. Nobody tells her what to do. She is creative (in bed as well) and loves sport.
I think Liselotte will need to take diving lessons
by justalot November 23, 2021
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