the time some asshole who has either:

A) hooked up with girl/guy
B) had sex with girl/guy
says that you should be patience and that it will happen to you. Most likely the person giving this advice is either a slut, whore, or man-whore
The one who is given this advice is usually a creepy stalker or just a scary clown head
Erikk: Dude I have never hooked up with a girl
man-whore: don't worry dude, I have, so give it time
Erikk: when will it happen
man-whore: when you get some friends and grow a ball sack
Erikk: when will that be
man-whore:shut up you stupid weirdo
by emoyankee July 6, 2008
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To salute someone, like a neighbor or an acquaintance. To acknowledge someone.
"He's so arrogant he won't even give the time of day".
by jumartinsfr June 13, 2014
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to have sex, an obviously articulate male's way of putting it. Originated in The Catcher in the Rye.
How'd your date go last night man?
Awesome, we drove up to lookout point and i gave her the time in the back seat.
by lauren February 22, 2005
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This is what the Asian hookers say to you when you are walking down the street.
*Driving down the street*

Hooker: "I give you good time" *Must be said in Chinese accent*

Client: "OK!"
by Me, Myself & I December 23, 2006
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