The Erge to go to the bathroom in the #2 form, and while your in the process you feel like you just emptied out a bottle of Chocolate Milk
OMG i just went to the bathroom in there i just had a sick case of the liquid shits.
by Rob December 19, 2004
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1.The more proper and easier way to say diarrhea

2. A random insult
1. OMG theres some liquid shit in that toilet

2. YOU LIQUID SHIT!!!!1!!!!11!!
by donttalktome December 30, 2010
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When something isn in so bad state that it's not even worth picking it from the ground.

Also when something is so bad that is not worth giving it a try.

The lowest of the low. Utter bad quality and even worse than trash.
-"Dude, did you watch the last UFC PPV Card? How was it?"

-"Yeah man, but it was Liquid Shit ... All of the bouts ended in decision"

"If I had to define the economy situation in my country ... I would say Liquid Shit"
by OGTheSavage January 17, 2022
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A primarily liquid shit, (at least 80%), that comes out of one's asshole feeling reminiscent of molten lead.

These often occur a day or so after ingesting large quantities of spicy food, such as one might do in a Habanaro Pepper eating contest, supplemented with the ingestion of large amounts of liquid, such as at a Habanero Pepper eating contest. The result is an unusually liquidy shit that feel like someone is blowing out your pipes with lava, (technically magma, while still in your rectum).

Needless to say, these shits do not invoke the normal feeling of self-gratification that comes with dumping one's load. On the contrary, it often leaves the shitter's asshole with a terrible burning sensation. This is complimented by the fact that, due to the highly liquid nature of the shit, it oftentimes takes half a roll of toilet paper to clean up the mess, leaving the user with a burning AND raw asshole, as well as dozens of annoying dingleberries. The shit is often discolored, and the aftermath is simply a disgusting pool of red or greenish-brown liquid in your toilet bowl. The stench, even with fans, can often last for 17-36 hours.
If you don't want to live through taking a liquid fire shit, avoid pepper eating contests, and large quantities of Mexican food.
by Quacker1 February 19, 2008
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Shitting liquid is where your bowel movements expelled substance is less solid than a chocolate milk shake, often as a resultant leaving the toilet bowl looking like an early Picasso piece. Severe cases and liquid professionals have been known to shit more on walls than in bowls
Hey man did you see in that toilet? Looks like someone is shitting liquid, yeah that arsehole has destroyed the bowl with that mad dump
by Dirk Rictor December 6, 2016
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The kind of shits that make doing something that demands a higher amount of fitness than what most people (no matter what they look like) do on an average day that much more difficult.
How would you like to get your home invaded on a night where you had the liquid shits? You ate some soup or some curry beforehand and the most fucked up thing about it is you were wide awake when they broke in, but since your GI tract wouldn't act right long enough to effectively incapacitate the intruders, you died at a young age.
by The Original Agahnim November 2, 2021
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