An awful torture machine that should be illegal under the eighth ammendment, but gets out under a loophole that it is "fun."

Commonly used in the regime of an evil dictator by the name of 'Coach' and his/her faithful servant, 'coxswain'.

Originally derived from the greek word meaning "to work," which is what one does; very, very hard, for a long, long time. Causing the buildup of extreme amounts of lactic acid in the body, and thus great pain.
Gentlemen, get on the erg.

God, I hate the erg, please kill it.
by Controversial Matt February 28, 2005
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Quite possibly the worst machine ever created. Used in the Middle Ages to kill off those infected by the Black death, it has somehow found its way to modern time. Although it has been deemed illegal by the Geneva Convention, it has somehow slipped under government oversight and made its way to crew teams across the country. Never get on an erg, never try to erg, stay fat and and you will never have to erg.

Marcelo is soft, a girl beat him on a 2k on the erg.
by Coach Dan May 2, 2006
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Quite possibly, the worst invention that has ever been placed on this earth. Many pass it at the gym thinking of it as a waste of space or time, but those are the people who aren't forced to use it every day for a month and a half of winter training. The pain it causes in your ass and legs combined are equivalent to being munched on by rabid raccoons for at least 4 hours.
Coach: Okay everyone today's workout of the erg is a 60 minute steady state, 18-22 rating

Me: *gun to the head*
by rower9999 January 17, 2012
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n. A rowing machine. The ultimate torture machine used to simulate rowing with a sliding seat.
v. to use an erg.
Concept II makes ergs.
I will erg a 6.
by Howey October 12, 2003
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Satan was cast out of heaven because he created the erg. equal to having your balls repeatedly smashed by a sledgehammer, erging(to erg) goes completely against human nature. Evolution has taught us to avoid pain: hence reflexes. Unless you are Charles Manson or Chuck Norris you should not enjoy pain. The best is when you finish a hard crew practice and you and your teammates almost drop the boat when putting it away. So your coach tells you to mount the erg and start pulling as hard as you can until she says stop.
Fred: Im so excited for our 2k erg test!

Rick: hey Fred, why dont you shut the fuck up before i punch you in your head!
by Willie Coyote April 15, 2009
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the act of refining your masochism
how was the erging today? exceptionally painful.
by eaglehat December 21, 2010
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The process of exercising on an ergrowing machine). Normally rowing a "2k" or more.
Oh god, we are going to be erging today.

I have to erg today at the gym.

Coach: We will be erging a 2 by 2k today.
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