This is usually, if not always a boy name. Lionell's tend to be a bit distant but they are always there when in need. They are kind people that will do anything and everything to make sure you are ok. They are always giving help but refuse to accept it when they are in need. Lionell's are hardheaded and just cant seem to know when to stop and accept help for themselves. All in all.... Lionell's are kind, sweet, hardheaded, caring, and will not give into letting you know their true emotions. Lionell's will lie so you aren't worried about them when they are hurting so it's best to look for the signs ( even tho you know they will push you away when you order help ).
Me: Lionell stop pushing me away and tell me what's wrong!!

Lionell: *smiles happily to hide buried pain* I'm fine. Now stop shouting at me crazy lady.
by iLoveLionells August 4, 2016
The best and sexiest person ever. The definition of awesome. Intelligent beyond belief.
Holy crap, I wish i were lionel
by 123147258 September 2, 2008
A term often used to refer to a toy or model train. Lionel is a company that has been making electric trains for over 100 years. Its name has become synonymous with model trains in America. Lionel is often used as a catch-all term for electric trains, whether they are Lionel brand or not. Most of the time, the term refers to the three-rail "O" and "O27" gauge trains. However, it can refer to any model train.
Every holiday season, John has a Lionel running under the Yule tree.

My grandfather used to have Lionels.
by Tom from the Shore November 15, 2007
Is One on the smoothest dudes out right now, faithful,committed,Buck as I don't know what, and knows how to get down with the get down, whatever girl gets him is lucky and ought to feel like there in heaven! He is a god fearing man and knows how to provide. He's pretty much the shit
Like the Micheal Jordon of Love! Lionel the Love Guru
by The Man 1988 April 29, 2009
The best dad in the world. He always shows he cares and never wants to get angry. He truly is the best father.
I wish I were just like Lionel.
by FNADGamerLife January 6, 2017
To get Lionel (messy) is to get ridiculously drunk and start doing crazy things.

Derives from the name of the Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi.

Messi = Messy.
"Last night got a bit Lionel; I was sick everywhere and Steve didn't come home!"
by thevinmeister October 6, 2009