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A cool kid who gets sexy bitchs.
by Qneef January 21, 2016
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A thoughtful, intelligent, funny, sexy species of a man. A true cowboy. He'll make you quiver with that twinkle in his eye. With every word, so carefully thought out. A gentleman. Lino's inspire. Lino's listen. A smile that will send sensations to your pearl in an instant. The cloudiest of days are sunny when he walks in the room. We all need a Lino in our lives.
Oh, he is so fine, he must be a Lino.
by Krownd March 10, 2017
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an all around nice guy loved and wanted by women of all SIZES especially large ones because of of his ability to satisfy them with his rough love
i should call lino he knows what hes doing
by homeboy795 February 28, 2010
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LINO means laughing inside not outside because most people say LOL when they're not laughing outside so LINO is the honest truth for all the people in the world.
- Jumped over a cow this morning

by Anonymous___Gurl April 08, 2019
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He is one of the most caring people you will have ever met. He might have had a hard life but he’s pushed through it. He is probably the best bf ever to live. He is a gentleman and a ladies man. He is adorable😍 with only one dimple.
Damn Lino one of the best boyfriends I’ve ever had!
by ImJustABoredBean December 21, 2019
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