you might be from west linn if you see..

1)stretched hummer limos, range rovers, bentlys, Escalades

2)we have a starbucks on every block

3)you either see a kid with an iphone, or a juicy

4)when people hear westlinn, they ask if you rich and you try and avoid the question

5)academically, our schools are best in state

6)the most crime that happens is kids sneaking out past curfew and makes the local paper under the police calls

7)our best hang out spot is safeway and we try to make the most fun out of it

8)even though kids do drugs no one seems to find out

and the scary part is, this is all true..
by asdfghjkl21 December 16, 2008
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New money Portland suburb. Huge bronze statue of batteling stallions. Women have fake orange tans and acrylic nails. Tasteless and trashy wannabe Lake Oswego. 105 lb housewives rolln the leased escalade, completely environmentaly unconcious. Women with no secondary education, very insecure, and yet try to lord their precieved wealth over others. MIDDLE MANAGEMENT! These people are so cheesy, all they talk about is money, but West Linn aint the West Hills!!! People with very little imagination. Rolling Hills Community Super Church, Jesus needs your buck. Hummers!!!!!
West Linn people are as beige as their McMansions.
by JdicE June 13, 2007
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A boring-ass, little town nobody's ever heard of near Portland, Oregon. It consists of mostly upper-class Christian white people. A huge method of entertainment (besides getting wasted) is hanging out near Safeway, Starbucks, and other places of that nature.
West Linn Idiot: I have a stick up my ass!

Person: Must be from West Linn.
by Some Girl December 22, 2004
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A manchild who does not clean up after himself. Thinks he plays football but really doesnt. Has a small penis. Performs anal sex on pillows, animals, little people(midgets or kids), and is litteraly a pedophile. And thinks hes a badass who is fuking retarded as fuck and isnt liked by anyone at school.
"Im Matt Linn"

"Your right.......... Your a fucking dumbass who cant pay bills or pay for groceries. Or clean up after said groceries."
by 420MexicanComedian March 02, 2019
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Maung Linn, also known as King of Myanmar, was born on December 5th, 1996. Maung Linn, also can be known as "Thomas", currently studies in Australia. While being away from home, the King has learnt new skills such as learning how to use cutlery by himself for the first time. While he has lots of money at home, it makes him very kiasu in a new environment with people that are not the same social class as him. As the King, he is loved by many, yet feared by many teachers which are scared of his never-ending questions about the subjects.
"Wow! he's such a maung linn, he always stays back after class to ask questions"
by rockyrocky December 05, 2018
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The most loving and passionate girl in the world. She can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending when your end up. She has deep affection towards Nemos and pours out her heart even when she may not be loved back. In school, she takes her time in more artistic side of things, with other subjects she could care less but there's alway someone important she make school worth going to. Many say trashy thing but if you really know some with the name Savanna, you will truly love their personality and kick things off. This type of girl can also make things exciting ( if you know what I mean). Don't take her kindness for advantage, treat it like it's an honor , not a toy. Most important thing to remember is don't mess with her she one badass bitch.
random girl: "Have you seen Savanna Linn?"
random girl 2: "Yeah I saw her fight some hoe for saying shit to her"
random girl: " Daaamn girl. Get it!"
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1) A town in which is located in oregon, next to Lake Oswego. One of the most yuppie filled people in the state. Their highschool has the best public school rating, but everyone there is evil.

2) A way of saying something is so rich looking it's ugly.
1) Man, I dont want to go to west linn today... Im not in the mood to deal with all the preppies.

2) I would never wear that abercromie shirt! its so west linn!
by xindulgedx March 07, 2004
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