Linn is a beutiful and shy girl when you first meet her who has a big heart and cares about her close friends and family. She is very pretty and a lot of boys have a crush on her. When you get to know her she is also very funny, loud and she likes to be social. Maybe a little bit crazy and random and that makes her funny to be around, she is good at fighting and if someone does something to her friend se is going to kick that bitch. Linn is also a good listener that you can talk about anything with but be careful cause she is going to tell her bestie.
Girl 1: I’m so jealous of linn she’s beautiful..
Girl 2: Yea but she’s so crazy and spontaneous she does what she thinks about.
by madisoooné19 October 03, 2019
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Biggest Thot you have ever heard of, has rich parents, and has never worked for anything in their lives, unless they have to pay with sex.
Seamus: Hey did you see that thot over there?
Hannah: What? Them? Yeah, they're a real linne
by B1GD1CK3NERGY September 24, 2018
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see: not exclusive

A relationship which seemingly to one of the parties (that would be the non-Linn) is of an exclusive art. This is not the case. Normal behavior in say Norway, or anywhere the game can be played out.

Linn is commonly known as a major league player, and while guys like to believe that they've found a sweet and charming girl (by all means, Linn is both sweet and charming!), they have however not caught on to the fact that she has a very special way of living out relationships' exclusivity, by say, not being exclusive at all.

Many a guy has been tricked.

Many a guy has been hurt... Luckily for Linn they're usually far away.

A guy in every harbor, or as Linn would say "a guy who's stupid enough to be led on".

Anyone who has a hard time being a one-guy girl can be labelled a follower of Linn exclusivity.
Random guy (let's not get started on names):
Yeah, I met this really cute girl, Linn, and we're dating exclusively!!

Someone smarter than that: Dear friend, if by exclusive you mean that you're not dating anyone else, and Linn is dating anyone else, I do believe you're right!!

Random guy: STFU!!! Don't tell me that's Linn exclusive Linn?! Maaaaan, this sucks.. She seems so nice!

The smart guy: Yup, she's reaaal friendly. That's Linn exclusive for ya.
by Exxxxxclusive July 30, 2009
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A suburb outside of Portland, Oregon.

You might be from West Linn if....

-You see Escalades, Hummers, Range Rovers, and Mercedes everywhere
-Your McDonald's has a plasma flat screen TV in it
-Some of the Portland TrailBlazers live in your city
-The highschool has an ATM in it
-The only crime that happens is teenagers egging cars....and it makes the local paper
-The majority of students at the high school drink and/or do drugs, yet they are academically one of the best schools in the state
-The cops have nothing better to do than pulling over people for no real reason
-Everyone asks "Are you rich?" or something along these lines when you say you are from West Linn
-There are hardly any minorities in your city

This is a generalization of WL, but it is pretty true.
West Linn is very similar to Lake Oswego

I am from West Linn, I am so cool.
by W.L. July 09, 2005
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A suburb of Portland, OR with excessively high land value, oppressive police, and more ways to get lost than any other place.
West Linn
by anonymous February 21, 2004
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A girl with a crazy personality. Cora Linn's commonly go by the nick name Cora and are often brunette and possibly short. They tend to love to read and are extremely funny and great to be around. Although they get mad easily and are also quite mean at times. You never know if they are going to attack you. Over all though Cora Linn's are fun girls with a great personality and are extremely confident!
Person 1: "wow I can't believe your best friends with Cora Linn, she's so cool"
Person 2: "yeah she's awesome! But I once got her mad and she bit me"
by Cooolkid2020 June 22, 2017
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A small town in Oregon filled with 38% rich, backstabbing, drinking, mean, gossiping, crowd-following white kids, 13% wierd kids trying to be emo and different but all wear black, 17% people who just complain all the time about the first two groups that make up 51%, 33% of people who do their own thing and hang out in their little cliques that are very exclusive, and 9% of people who actually have substance, aren't materialistic, nice, and genuine. It's hard to find them though.
by i know i know it all April 14, 2009
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