The most beautiful girl in the world. Everyone wants to be around her (especially the guys). She’s very kind and sweet to everyone. She chooses who she trusts carefully and you’re special if you’re close to Linn. She’s just like an angel. She has very special eyes that you’ll get lost in if you’re not careful. An easy woman to fall for, and every girl is jealous of her.
Who’s that?
That’s Linn she’s like an angel!
by Shopoop June 23, 2019
Linn is the kindest, sweetest, smartest and most caring girl you’ll ever meet. She is nice, beautiful and funny but sometimes missunderstood. She likes to party but also needs her alone-time once in a while. She can be shy but once she gets exited, she simply won’t stop talking. If you’re lucky enough to meet a Linn, you know she will always be there for you when you need her. She loves and cares everyone and spend more time making sure others are having a good time than herself. She may be a bit socially awkward but once you get to know her you’ll realize what an amazing and special person she is. You’ll never have a friend like Linn. She is also very loyal and a loving girlfriend to the guy who’s lucky enough to get with her.
-I was so nervous when I walked in and didn’t know anybody, luckily this girl Linn came up and started introducing me to everyone.
by Kisses_xx March 29, 2020
The definition of pretty af! she's super hot and funny!
I wish I was a Linn
by Iwantabigmacrn May 11, 2019
A name for a woman of great intelligence, morale, compassion, creativity, strenght, and beauty.
A: Linn is so intelligent!

B: Yes, and beautiful, too!
by JoanArc November 3, 2019
Cooler than you. She cute too
-I want to be the coolest person in a room
- oh so you want to be a Linn?
by Linnaswede September 16, 2020
This female name may come from the old Norse word "lin" which means mild.

It can also be a Norwegian version of the English name Lynn,which means "lake" in Celtic.

The name is mostly used in Norway and Sweden.
"What's her name?"

"Her name is Linn. I heard she's from Norway."
by Randomness057 March 16, 2009
too sexy for this world
Linn is Toooo sexy for this world
by llinnstar September 20, 2021