the crappy nu metal with the annoying crying baby lead singer. they have the fan base of 15 year old bitches who watch too much mtv.
do u know linkin park?

yeah, i know that overrated band which their music videos being too overplayed on mtv.
by fgsdfgsdg April 17, 2007
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Crappy band that came out sometime with an early sound that they ripped off from 311 and has over time modified to sound like itself again and again with each "new" song they put out.

Some moron acts like he can rap in every song, the lead
singer either cries or tries to scream in every song, and the rest of the band/group/circlejerk just does what they always do while those two try to rap, scream, or cry.

No known reason can explain their success, I would say that today's ignorant youth contributes more than any other social group. However, it is known that the majority of mankind can't wait to see their overdue departure from the music world.
Musician #1 - "Hey, have you heard this new Linkin Park song yet?"

Musician #2 - "No, but now that I have, I'm seriously thinking about pulling my fingernails out with a pair of pliers, and setting myself on fire before I jump off this cliff."
by Jagerballs September 08, 2007
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A shitty emo band that has no talent at all. The lead singer only screams and when he actually sings, it sounds like shit. The "rapper" has absolutely no talent and cannot rap worth a shit.

Guy 1: Yo, let's go to a Linkin Park concert!

Guy 2: No, you punk-ass bitch! Linkin Park sucks!
by Maccer May 26, 2005
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A popular and rather successful band, Linkin Park offers something for everyone, while keeping the same timbre (that's a musical term, look it up). Reanimation, Hybrid Theory, and Meteora (excluding track 12, Session) were very well done, whereas the latest installment (feat. Jay-Z) bombed like Hell.
Friend 1: Did you hear that new song from Linkin Park?
Friend 2: You mean the new/old remixed song with Jay-Z?
Friend 1: That's the one.
Friend 2: It totally blew!
Friend 3: Bwahahaha!
by Cyberopts September 12, 2005
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The worst excuse for a "Metal" band in the history of the world

Pop Rock group who sing about the same things, how they feel hurt, how they are misunderstood....Just like their fans think their lives are like.

They are millionaires and still moan and say they are sad...to get more money.

Fans are usually 13 year old "skaters" who think its hardcore and non mainstream...

Pathetic...Hopefully they "breakup" like all other boy bands
LP Fan "Did you go to the Linkin Park gig"

Me "No i went to see Manowar and Slayer instead"

LP Fan "Who?"

Me "Oh you know , bands that are METAL!"

LP Fan "Probably not as metal as LP"

Me "Fuck off you retard, go back with the cattle"
by Junglemanchild January 26, 2005
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An awsome band that has saved countless lives.
A band that has used their own real life experences to help many others through tough times in their lives.

But get one thing straight...
me: linkin park kick ass
Friend: Yeah.. Must agree there..
by jennaLPU84 July 01, 2006
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Band who does write their own songs. who gets wrongly accused by jackasses. Its stands for purely goodness.
GosH.. Dis music is so linkin park.. everyone loves it
by Sabaratnam July 09, 2004
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