an actress/singer who has absolutly no talent at all yet for some reason everyone loves (like hilary duff....stupid ugly slut)
stupid ugly fat whore whos boobs mysteriously grew 5 sizes over night
by crystal March 5, 2005
female actress who got her carrer jump in the movie, the parent trap, and has now blossomed into a big breasted beauty.
I want to power-hump Lindsey Lohan.
by knucklehead February 21, 2005
redheaded actress, starred in the parent trap, freaky friday and mean girls
lindsey lohan should stop doing bad marilyn poses
yes my def does use lindsay lohan in a sentence actually.oh ok fine whatever im tired
by LINDAR May 29, 2006
she was really cute as a child. and... now she's an extremely slutty whore.
"Hello everyone. Have you seen my cocaine? Apparently i lost it when screwing 3 guys at once with my gigantic boobs."
-Lindsey Lohan
by raineyyylikebam May 3, 2008
A dumb girl who is too stupid to realize that her mother is hurting her career. She was a great child actor, but now is better off just falling off a cliff. A theif and a liar that no one thinks is worth saving anymore, because, honestly, she doesn't want help.
Lindsey Lohan: a little ex-celeb that can't make a good movie worth her life.
by notlying2ya March 1, 2011
a nasty little ho bag that goes out with men 5 times her age.
by xxjustafacexx March 13, 2005