A little girl who likes to bully and take advantage of her friends. Calls everyone else a hoe because she can never get dick. Thinks the world revolves around her. Thinks everyone loves her when in reality everyone talks mad shit about her. Gets upset and throws a giant fit when things don't go her way or when people get things shes wants. Also takes advantage of people for their money and clout. Thinks shes hot and thic as fuck, when in reality she is the flattest bitch you will ever meet. Also has a terrible nicotine addiction and will probably end up dying by 30. Has a group of minions that follow her simply because they are terrified of her. No boys like her because she is the craziest bitch you will ever meet. Also is extremely racist and uses the n word in her sad daily life. She will probably go nowhere in life because she has no life skills. Highly recommend staying away from her if you ever want to be truly happy with your life.
"Damn Lindsay is really insane"
" Yeah bro I know she seriously belongs in a mental hospital"
"She told me that she thinks she's thic"
"Bro what she got no ass or titties'
by I.am.a.hottie.thottie. October 27, 2019
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A giant cunt who uses her children as a pawn and restricts their access to their father.

Synonyms: cow, bitch, hefty trash bag, swirling cesspool of all negative human emotions combined
Dang dude, your baby momma won't let you see your kids? Sounds like she's being a real Lindsay right now.
by Mcbaddass December 07, 2019
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Lindsay is a awfully rude person. She always makes snarky remarks. No guys like her. But she falls in love with every guy she sees. Lindsay is stuck up and thinks every person enjoys her company. She has 27 people she calls her best friends. Lindsay claims she has 18 guy-best friends. Lindsay cannot be trusted with secrets or personal information.

If you ever meet a Lindsay it is best to block her on all social media platforms.
Lindsay is a brat
by Cecilia Miller September 21, 2020
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a jelous girl that will try to steal ur man but cant..... she will try to be mean but has no mean bone in here body.
hey caleb i know you dont want kelsy you want me lindsay
by Babygirlllllllllllllll January 03, 2019
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An amazing girl who is often refered to as A Little Local Lindsay. That being said she has more cooties than any other girl. Additoonally, boys don't have cooties. At all. EVER.
A Little Local Lindsay has cooties. That's all.
by FifTayn September 17, 2020
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