1.a girl who is hotter than the flames of hell

2. the marvelous and mysterious temptress from the land of eternal joy

3. a girl who is smarter than albert einstein but as gorgeous as helen of troy (you know the one whose beauty started the epic war)

4. this girl is in NO way affiliated with Lindsay Lohan. Lohan simply stole this girl's name.
See that smoking hot amazing girl over there? Yep, she's a Lindsay.
by TheAwesomelyAmazingPerson April 14, 2008
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Lindsay is the best girl you could ask for. She is an amazing friend. She has a heart of gold and deserves every positive thing in this entire world. Lindsay is like a four leaf clover hard to find but once you find it you won't ever want to lose it. She has the best skills ever and makes you want to be her. Lindsay is shy but once you get to know her it's like the best thing that will ever happen to you. She is someone who will for sure make it to the olympics. Lindsay is the type of girl who doesn't care what others think about her or what they do to her but as long as she stays positive nobody will have problems. So the next time you see a Lindsay I would try to become best friends with her because she will be one of those best friends that is like a sister. Lindsay is beyond perfection and is literally the BEST thing that will ever happen to you!!!!!!
Lindsay is amazing!!!!!
by CZbrotato February 17, 2018
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Lindsay is an animal lover, an awesome friend, pretty, smart, and has fantastic taste in music and movies. She loves video games, is outgoing and loud, and most of her friends are guys. She is a total tomboy, except she is also quite fashionable. She has tons of inside jokes with her friends, all of them either dirty or drop-dead funny. She is in no way related to Lindsay Lohan. She isn't insecure, but she never brags or betrays her friends. She loves literature and food, but she never seems to gain weight. Lindsay is a cool friend/girlfriend, but she doesn't like playing games. If you like her, tell her, otherwise you'll lose her.
Lindsay is super cool!

Damn, I wish I had asked Lindsay out.
by ForeverSims March 07, 2014
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Literally the coolest person you know. She quotes movies like it's her job, has great taste in music, and has a fantastic sense of humor. A Lindsay is often blatantly honest and sometimes it makes her sound like a bitch but she means well. She has a ton of friends but doesn't like to be tied down to any one group of people- she is a free spirit. Lindsay is a fun sexy girl and can be intimidating but she loves her friends; most of which are guys. She has incredible eyes, an amazing laugh, and a very pretty face. This girl is a keeper. But be careful letting her meet your family- if you break up they might chose her over you! She really isn't single for very long so if you have a window of opportunity TAKE IT or someone else will.
"Wow dude were you just talking to Lindsay?"
"Yeah. Damn she's incredible."
by AnGeLfAcE August 25, 2012
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a beautiful young woman who will never forget how to smile & love although many stones are cast and rumors are spread. She remains strong. She is not a delicate flower. She is not a butterfly with broken wings. Tho lovers become demons she refuses to give up staying positive.
Lindsay is the scapegoat for all your insecurities. An easy target for she's too nice.
by milhaos August 26, 2008
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the best friend anyone can ever have. really nice and funny and probably has TONS of inside jokes with you. shes GORGEOUS but doesnt brag about it. never mean and never selfish. shes the best friend in the world!
random person- whos that?
me- oh thats lindsay! shes my best friend!
random person- oh! shes so pretty!
by xSamxYeahx December 08, 2010
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A tough girl most guys want, but only the guy she likes gets her, and if he rejects her he will be sorry. Stronger than most guys, she still has a heart of gold, she admires her few friends and is very kind.
Dang, Lindsay is lookin' gooooood
by Magic_Turtle December 27, 2017
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