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Lindsay is a complicated girl. She's often shy so you don't really notice her. Lindsay could be the girl of your dreams. She likes things that guys like; sports and the same kinds of movies and music. She may seem plain to the untrained eye, but once you get to know her and really look, she is beautiful. Lindsay is a hopeless romantic and wants nothing more than to fall in love. She doesn't have much experiance with guys but she can't help but be picky because she knows there's that once special guy out there for her. She's a great friend. When you know her, she is the funniest person you know, but when you don't, she is extremely reserved. If you make the first move she'll know you're special. Lindsay knows there are other prettier (and/or sluttier) girls out there who you could fall for, but she wishes you'd notice her because once you do, you'll wonder why you ever went without her.
There's that freaky girl, Lindsay
She's not a freak, she's amazing

Lindsay is a total dude, she likes good movies and music

Lindsay...why have I never noticed you before?

I love you, Lindsay
by A lover not a fighter December 05, 2010

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