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One of the nicest, care free, get along with anyone and love you to death people you'll ever meet. She's even cute when she tries to be angry.
by S.R.O'B February 25, 2010
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a giggling idiot; one who cannot stop laughing
Shh! Stop being a Lindley or we'll get points at this Quaker meeting!
by boo May 19, 2003
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When a small peruvian men begs you to not use his toilet and you bust in and blow it up and leave the scene immediately.
I ate ceviche and Lindleyed all over the small brown man's bano.
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Term used to describe a guy that is really muscular but has an extremely small penis.
Girl 1: So I hooked up with Greg last night...

Girl 2: AND?????

Girl 1: He is such a Lindley.
by TS RegPark March 19, 2010
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One who uses cutlery to consume soup, porridge, pizzas and beverages f they are too hot.
Usage : A lindley, noun
You dirtyl lindley, put that knife and fork away and eat your ice cream normally
by K Munir June 04, 2003
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One who utilises cutlery for the consumption of soup, porridge, pizzas and also a range of beverages, including babycham.
Pass me the cutlery please i need to eat my banana.
by K Munir June 04, 2003
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