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An artist of all kinds (i.e. Drawing, dancing, singing, photography, etc.) who generally portrays happy or effervescent works, rather than darker medias.
She only draws cute pictures, nothing scary. She's a Lindel, alright.
by Kiki-chance January 25, 2008
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From Welsh origins meaning 'Beautiful One' or 'Beautiful Girl'.
Girls who are lucky enough to have the name Lindel are wonderful people, generous and loyal. They tend to over-think things and worry too much, but are thoughtful and loving. Creative and arty, they are always thinking up brilliant new ideas which others don't quite understand. She is sometimes thought to be vague, but this is a misconception, she is usually just off on another plane of thought. She is highly intelligent and articulate, with a gift for language.

Closely related to the 'Lindl' from Bavaria, most Lindels are tall, blonde and with blue or green eyes. They are strong and sturdy with astounding beauty.
Have you seen Lindel lately? She is astoundingly beautiful!
by Welshandwise February 02, 2010
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