Is a well known conservative who believes America should be a Christian , Pro traditional family, and a nationalistic nation. He has a show on D live called America First (must watch), that does conservative political commentary in a very entertaining manner.
Nick Fuentes is the most based conservative
by Ben_Shapiro_838 October 26, 2020
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Nick Fuentes is a very famous and very respected conservative activist.He is most famous for sending people to go and troll charlie kirk at several turning point usa events,resulting in Charlie Kirk being exposed as a fake conservative/grifter. He has a show Monday-Friday at 8pm on
"Nick Fuentes will single handedly save America.He is our only hope."
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Famous Mexican that eats boogers and believes humans lived with dinosaurs.
Damn Nick Fuentes isn't really white though.
by Not a loser yet December 29, 2021
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