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A nickname given to actor,rapper,lyricist, and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda. The nickname was made when he had a Twitter livestream and thought the livestream broke. He went on his computer to see if the stream was still going, but he couldn’t see because he is apparently blind. As he was typing he said “Old Man Miranda typing into his computer.”. Ever since then, one of the many nicknames for Lin is Old Man Miranda.
Fan 1: Hey, do you know who Lin-Manuel Miranda is?
Fan 2: Oh, you mean ‘Old Man Miranda’?
Fan 1: What?
Fan 2: If you don’t know what I’m referencing, you need to watch his old twitter livestreams when he was in Hamilton.
Fan 1: What’s Hamilton?

Fan 2: You’re dead to me.
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by I_AM_UnIcOrN June 15, 2018
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