Basically, the "Do as i say, not as i do" crowd of wealthy elitists who have the best ideas on how regular Janes and Joes can sacrifice their comforts and conveniences to help alleviate the sufferings and ills of the world while they dismiss themselves from the very things they demand of the public.

For example.

They'll tell us to ride bikes or use public transportation to get to work to conserve energy while they get taxied around in limos and private jets.

They'll tell us to use solar powered energy in our homes and air dry our laundry while they live in huge mansions that use more electricity in one month than the average household uses a year.

They'll do "sit ins" on a construction site to stop the building of shopping malls or condominiums to "preserve the land" while they own several acres of land for their own personal use.

They tend to be strong advocates for gun control or in some extreme cases gun banning. But see nothing wrong with the armed bodyguards they employ for their own personal protection.

They tend to take a soft on crime stance and stand up for murderous thugs like Mumia Abu Jabar or Tookie Williams while they live in gated communities with round the clock surveillance that isn't within 50 miles of the nearest ghetto or any other high crime area.

If his name happens to be Bono, he'll meet with world leaders to encourage them to raise our taxes to help the starving kids in Africa while hiding his millions in the Netherlands to avoid paying taxes himself.

As the late comedian Richard Jeni once put it, "People who are going to change the world if they have to spend every last buck of YOUR money to do it".

Your basic limousine liberal is a wealthy person who feels guilty about being wealthy but doesn't want to give up his fortune or sacrifice his conveniences.

So he'll take the "pass the buck" approach by wagging his finger at the general public for not doing their share to help with the world's problems to deflect the guilt off himself.

Many limousine liberals are also washed up has-been celebrities or rock stars who had their heyday in the 80's or 90's but their careers have since sputtered out and their names faded into obscurity.

Since they know that today's Hollywood is extremely liberal, they'll take up some liberal cause to resurrect their dead careers and get their names back in the papers and the spotlight back on them in hopes of attracting the attention of a movie producer or record company.
Limousine liberal: Why are Americans so greedy and materialistic? How can they heat their homes in the winter or drive their S.U.V.s to work when they know the ill effects it has on our environment?

Average person: Wait a minute, don't you live in a huge mansion and get driven around in a limo?

Limousine liberal: Yeah, but that's different.

Average person: How on earth is that different?

Limousine liberal: Well, I care more than they do, so I'm excused.
by lockworker November 19, 2008
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A hypocrite democrat who pretends she loves working people, colored guys, and street people, but who has 109 million dollars and lives as far away as possible from working people, colored guys, and street people. They deceive millions of idiots who don't know that nobody ever helped anybody from the back seat of a limousine
Hillary Clinton is a limousine liberal. She pretends she likes beer with a booze chaser when she really likes Zinfandel. She pretends to love rural people, but thinks they are hicks, rubes, and rednecks. She is rich. She rides in a limousine to show how much better she is then you are. She feels entitled to ride in the back of a limousine because she is rich.
Barack O'Bama is a limousine liberal. He pretends he stands for the working class, then accuses them of clinging to religion and guns. He is rich and rides in a limousine to show how much better he is than you are. He feels entitled to ride in the back seat of a limousine because he is a rich colored guy.
Other famous limousine liberals are Senaturd Kennedy, John Kerry, Senaturd Charles Schumer, and Michael Moore -- Hypocritical rich bastards all!
by Belinda the Goat July 11, 2008
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Limousine liberal (or latte liberal) is a deragatory term used to describe a rich liberal who considers themself a champion of the poor and downtrodden, but lives a lifestyle of wealth and luxury.

Limousine liberals can usually be identified by any combination of the following behavior:

- They support gun control, but they go everywhere surrounded by armed bodyguards.

- They have a soft-on-crime stance, but they live in gated, private communities where there is no threat of crime.

- They tell people to ride bikes and use public transportation to reduce oil consumption, while themselves traveling around the world in private jets and rented luxury SUVs.

- They join organizations like PETA because they believe that killing animals is wrong, but they wear expensive leather belts and shoes.

Limousine liberal is mostly an American term. In Austrialia, an equivalent term is "chardonnay socialist", while in France the equivalent term is gauche caviar (caviar left).
"Famous limousine liberals include such people as Arianna Huffington, Michael Moore, Martin Sheen, Jane Fonda, Sean Penn, and Barbra Streisand."
by Deej July 22, 2004
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Wealthy people whose political beliefs are nominally on the left side of the spectrum, but tend to have a rather hypocritical view of liberal agendas, being happy to write checks but unwilling to support them once they start affecting their private schools and gated communities.
Limousine liberals are the kind that silly old saying refers to when it says "if you're not a conservative by 30 you have no brain". If you're going to be a knee-jerk NIMBY, you may as well be a conservative, no matter how you vote.
by Brian X September 29, 2003
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Wealthy person, who adopts the cause of the downtrodden and then goes back to real estate; carries a connotation of hypocrisy; see bobo, bicoastal, parlor pink.
The limousine liberals oppose vouchers but send their kids to private school.
by Cornholio October 30, 2003
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Another Stereotype created by the Far-Right to promote Prejudice against liberals.
Bob ignored the people who called him a limousine liberal. He knew that they were just being prejudiced
by ????^_^??? August 25, 2007
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a politically liberal person, especially one who believes in helping the poor, who lives a middle or upper class lifestyle
Conservatives should not just dismiss a person like Ted Turner as limousine liberal.
by The Return of Light Joker December 5, 2007
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